• Julia Thiessen

The Power of Tea Time

"It tastes like sunshine!" proclaimed Lawrence as we sampled freshly made herbal tea. Lawrence participates in a Therapeutic Horticulture program in Delta where we end each session with freshly picked garden tea. Herbal teas are one of my favourite ways to incorporate the sense of taste into nature-based sessions. It fosters wonder as what appears to be a lowly leaf brings unexpectedly delicious flavours.

This spring and summer I've lead several tea-themed sessions across the Lower Mainland. Click on the photos below to learn more.

Lemon Balm & Mint Sun Tea Recipe Nature's Lemonade

1 gallon water 2 cups fresh mint 1 cups fresh lemon balm Juice of 2 limes

Add herbs to water in a large jar. Infuse in the sun for 12-24 hours. Strain. Add lime before drinking. Enjoy!

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