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Discover Hidden Gems

Vancouver has hidden gems within its urban jungle, especially in the heart of Strathcona. With green space, yummy eats, and colourful history, we will explore and connect with both the environment and each other.

You are invited! Use discount code "hellofriend" to get $5 off STRATHCONA WEEKEND OASIS TOUR Saturday, Feb 24, 1-4pm Meeting Location: 810 Union St, Vancouver Light refreshments provided $30 Tickets here Leading the way are Crystal Lee and Julia Thiessen. Crystal, founder of Relocal, is a social entrepreneur passionate about healthy communities. She’s excited to share experiences that spotlight small businesses and connect Vancouverites. Julia is a local horticulturalist. She's passionate about the connection between nature and wellness. Julia brings an element of curiosity and amusement to her adventures. PART ONE: Meet at Union Market Between MacLean Park and Strathcona Park sits the warm, homey Union Market. It's "the" neighbourhood market to go for traditional Portuguese foods and ingredients. Smell the fresh baked treats? Comer feliz! PART TWO: Explore Strathcona Park With a swathe of green grass, Strathcona Park encourages children and dogs to run recklessly through the fields. Adult humans too. Cottonwood trees line the park, providing an oasis for those who want to take a moment to themselves and breathe in the fragrant air. This green sanctuary is a sweet relief from the hustle and bustle that accompanies every corner of the downtown core. Magnificent spot to rejuvenate oneself. PART THREE: Relax at Luppolo Brewing Company Luppolo (pronounced loop-o-lo) means hops in Italian and this is an inkling to the Italian heritage woven in Strathcona's history when immigrants from Italy started arriving about mid-1800s. The reference is also due to the Italian heritage of two of the owners. This brewery is all about fostering a sense of community and sharing quality craft beer.

REGISTER HERE ABOUT THE CO-FACILITATORS: Crystal Lee specializes in work-life balance and stress management for busy professionals. As a Certified Life & Leadership Coach, she helps individuals thrive during life and career transitions. As a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, she promotes health, creativity, and productivity in workplaces. In her spare time, you will find her exploring new neighbourhoods, discovering street art, petting animals, and excitedly pointing out flowers. Julia Thiessen has a background in non-profit work, therapeutic horticulture, and meditation. Despite taking environmental problems seriously, she has a soft approach to facilitating meaningful connections to the planet, each other, and ourselves. Two things she enjoys are photographing moss and learning about slugs.

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