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Blackberry Bounty - Pickin' Tips & Recipe

Summer fruits like blackberry are exploding all around, the bounty is ripe and ready for picking! Don't fret if you don't live on an orchard, you can still get your hands on summer's abundant fruit harvest.

Here is Vancouver we have countless Himalayan Blackberry bushes. The fruits are glossy deep purplish and juicy. Some berries are sweeter than others, you may notice south-facing plants have sweeter berries, and those that have a source of water will of course be juicier. You'll soon notice these bushes are thorny, so I like to wear long sleeves and pants when harvesting.

Remember to express your gratitude, whether verbal or some physical action, maybe an offering or picking up some litter near the plants.

Earl Grey Iced Tea with Blackberry

Vibrantly coloured & perfect for backyard sippin'

2 earl grey tea bags or equivalent loose leaf

1/2 cup of blackberries

1/2 cup water

6 TBS sugar or to taste (optional)

Make a pot of earl grey tea with two tea bags. You can make it a little stronger than usual, I like to leave the tea bags in to steep for at least 10 minutes.

On medium heat, add the blackberries, water and sugar to the pot. Simmer gently for at least 5 minutes.

Mix the tea and fresh berry syrup together in a pitcher and let cool. Then place in the fridge.

Enjoy cool and if you are feeling fancy make ice cubes with lavendar frozen in. Fancy times!


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